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          Recruitment notice

          Want to know your future? Want a vibrant career?
          As long as you are sincere and meet the following job requirements, please contact us immediately, once hired, treatment favorably.
          • Positions Department Number of people Work place Release date Operation
          • Sales Manager Sales 1 Quanzhou, Fujian 2016-10-13 Details Apply

            Description :

            1. Responsible for customer development within the market area
            2. The area of ?? the market to achieve sales targets
            3. Responsible for the product operation planning of the market
            4. The area of the market distribution channels, network coverage requirements to reach a responsible
            5. The area of market customer relationship protection is responsible for the customer
            6. The area of market consumers to develop responsible


            1. More than two years FMCG industry sales management experience (candy / small food industry best)
            2. High school or above
            3. To long-term travel or presence

          Please select your resume to upload